Friday, September 07, 2007

How to do a ...*gasp*!...brazilian wax at home

How to Brazilian wax at home

Use a "stripless" or "hard" wax (stripless wax is much gentler on the skin than soft wax) specifically designed for a brazilian wax. Gigi, Sally Hansen and Surgi-Wax all make one, they cost about $20 for a kit, gigi refill wax is just $10-$15. I have seen good reviews for each of them. (I use GIGI's). Stripless or hard wax does not require the use of a strip, it solidifies enough so that you can grab it by the end after it dries a bit, but I prefer to use a strip with the stripless wax. Makes it so easy. Keep in mind, some "hard" wax actually dries so hard it breaks off, these newer waxes stay a little more taffy-like. This is a good thing. :)

Quick note: If you don’t feel competent enough to do it, don’t, and go to a salon instead. If you’ve waxed other areas of your body before, and you feel confident to go further, by all means, here are some instructions to help you get there.


  • Hair should be btwn 1/8 and 1/4 inch. Any longer than ½ inch, and it will hurt a lot more. Trim and save yourself the drama.
  • Be determined, don’t be squeamish, you can do it. My first time doing it by myself, I was surprised that it actually worked. And it wasn’t that difficult to get the results I wanted, with minimal pain.
  • Use the pre-step stuff (clean, dry, apply oil)
  • I recommend not doing it right after a shower/bath, because the hair will be less coarse. The coarser the hair the more successful your wax will be.


1. Take 2 Ibuprofin (advil, etc) or 1 Aleve 1/2 hour before starting your procedure.

2. Be sure to prep the area as per the instructions, the most necessary step being to apply the pre-wax oil to the area you will wax. GiGI numbing spray can also be bought. I've used it, it might be more for peace of mind than anything, I can't say for sure how much it actually does to reduce any pain.

3. Seems like strange advice, but USE A STRIP! Even with the hard/stripless wax, this will make your brazilian wax even easier. You can buy the strips anywhere you can buy the wax. I like the non-muslin kind.

4. Apply the wax, press a strip on to it, pat it down a bit, rub it a bit, let it dry at least 5 seconds, you can wait up to 20 or more i suppose. Hold the strip fairly close to where the wax begins, hold skin comfortably taught, and *quickly* remove the strip by pulling it back as parallel to the skin as possible. This will make it as painless as possible. Lay new wax down for the next, but you can use same cloth strip again, maybe 3 times, until the wax buildup gets in the way. (one way to make it close to fool proof, after the wax dries to the strip, just peel up the very beginning of the wax, this way you cannot fail to remove the wax with ease).

5. If your wax gets stuck and didn't properly come off with the strip, (or if there is just a bunch of wax somewhere on you), first put the strip down and try again, if that doesn't work apply a new layer of wax over it, and also over the edges of the old wax, and attempt to wax it again. You will get a feel very soon for how best to remove each strip.

That's it! I like the GiGi wax kit a lot. I've never tried the Surgi one or Sally Hansens new braz wax kit. I don’t use a mirror, maybe i'm kinda flexible. Might need to bend over in front of one for those little bits in behind.

Follow with whatever soothing lotion they use. Use Tendskin to prevent any ingrowns if that is often a problem for you.


minur said...

many many thanks. great!!!!

Brian & Clarissa said...

Using a strip on the hard wax is the best advice I've ever gotten re: Brazilian wax. It just made my life so much easier. Thanks for the post!

Annie said...

My pleasure. See my new blog and an article now on inexpensive laser hair removal. ;)